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Help us find new retailers! Or become one?
Friday, 02 September 2011 00:00

In a perfect world, Ergi by Piratessan would have a retailer in every city in every country. However... we're not really there yet.

Would you like to sell some Ergi items? Do you know a shop near you where our items would fit in well? Click here to make an inquiry.

Right now, when making a retailer purchase of SEK3000 or more excluding shipping you will get a free Bunny Hood as a bonus! The offer applies as long as the Bunny Hoods lasts, or until November 31st 2011. (They sold out fast!)

If you tell us about a retailer, leading to a SEK3000 or more purchase, you will receive a free pair of socks, in the colour of your choice. (Plus of course eternal gratitude and glory.)

All new retailers will be individually presented on our blog, Facebook and in our newsletter for maximum publicity. :)

Unsure of how to take your measurements?
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 21:17

As you already may know, almost all items from Ergi by Piratessan come in made to measure sizes.

There's now a guide available on the site, explaining how to take your measurements to get a perfect fit. Click here to check it out!

The guide is beautifully illustrated by the recent drawing contest winner, Josefin Eigert:

Ps. For those of you who missed the monthly newsletter for July, don't fret! There will be one sent out on the 30th of August.

Drawing Contest Winner

VOTE CLOSED! And the winner is:

Finalist 2: Josefin!

I would like to thank you all for entering the contest, and also say a thank you for all the 1897 votes!

Hopefully I will be able to hold another creative contest in a not too distant future. ^__^ ~ Piratessan

Here's the final results:

Drawing Contest Finalists

VOTE CLOSED! Over 1800 votes has been received, winner is announced shortly!

Hi there, Piratessan here. The drawing contest is closed, and I had to choose five finalists among all the amazingly good entries you guys sent in. The vote is open for one week, until July 8th 23.59 CET. On July 9th the winner is announced and will receive their voucher of SEK 500!

It has been a really tough task to choose, but in the end I chose these five finalists:

Finalist 1: Pamela


Finalist 2: Josefin


Finalist 3: Ann


Finalist 4: Margot


Finalist 5: Angel


New plain colour bloomers, lots of different colours!
Sunday, 19 June 2011 20:40

Today added to the shop are a new style of bloomers, in black or white with gorgeous cluny lace trim. Choose between a bunch of colours for the ribbon at the bottom hem.

Also, at the beginning of next week a 2.0 version of the old favourite bloomers with bow trim will be added to the webstore!

Click here to check the new bloomers out!

Drawing contest!
Tuesday, 31 May 2011 00:00

The last Ergi contest, back in 2009, resulted in quite a bunch of amazing designs, and This dress as the winning design. This is what you need to do (and know) to win this time:

To enter, you will need to send us an artwork meeting these requirements:

  • There must be two people in the picture, a guy to the left and a girl to the right.
  • They should be standing straight, fairly front facing, full figure.
  • We will use your artwork for reference on where to take measurements, so it should be suitable to put lines across to show where to measure.
  • Both the guy and the girl needs to wear some kind of underwear or tight fitting clothes (tights or the like, example list at the bottom). They should not be naked! :)
  • Shoes or no shoes is up to you.
  • You can draw in any style you like.
  • We prefer a transparent background or a pattern/interior instead of white.
  • File format: JPG or PNG, minimum 500 px width in good quality.

Send your picture to us by June 30th 2011! E-mail it to: info (at) ergi (dot) se and write "Drawing Contest" in the subject line. Include your name and country in the e-mail. By sending your picture to us you agree to us using it on our website for information purposes. (Only the winning image will be used, however)

What you can win:
The winner wins a SEK 500 gift voucher to spend in our webshop!

How the winner is chosen:
Piratessan will choose five finalists among the entries. They will then be announced here on the website, Facebook, Twitter and LiveJournal. A vote will be held on the web for one week, where anyone can vote for their favourite.

To enter you must not be or have been employed by Ergi. You can send as many submissions as you like. Image must not have been copied or stolen from another artist.

Examples of suitable clothing
Bra, panties, bloomers, underpants, undershirt, socks, corset, tights, leggings, long johns, underdress, tank top etc.

To clarify, clothes worn by your characters can be your own design, or from any brand (Including Ergi of course) This is not a design contest where your artwork will be made into real clothes.


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