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Tuesday, 01 July 2014 18:45

Today we're opening our new shop, Lolitabutiken!

To celebrate this we have quite a few items at discount prices on offer! ^___^ Please check them out!

Why did we make this change? Well, we felt that having a brand and a shop that featured multiple brands under the same name was a bit confusing. Thus, we chose to move the multi-brand shop to a new location under a name that better represented our product range. Lolitabutiken means "The Lolita Shop" in Swedish, and that's what we are, the Swedish Lolita shop! ^___^

Our old web shop, here at, will eventually move to the new shop completely. No new items will be put up for sale here and we will eventually make this website a catalog of Ergi by Piratessan items only.

The Ergi by Piratessan Facebook page will still be frequently updated so don't worry :) Our newsletters will also continue to be sent out with news on both Lolitabutiken and Ergi by Piratessan.

For those of you who speak Swedish, we recommend to like our new Facebook page as well, as we'll post news in Swedish over there:

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Lolitabutiken – Sweden (Full assortment)

Guddarp Håkantorp, Ljungby


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Ztracená 269/36 779 00 Olomouc


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